Martine (herarchaicsmile) wrote in loserfreakgeeks,

BodyPunks Body Jewelry

Hey guys, sorry for the shameless plug, but I think this is one that you guys will enjoy. This place BodyPunks has body jewelry that's pretty damn cheap, and they also have some really cool belts, wallets, bags, and wristbands. Also, for those of you who like Level 27, MADE, and Stars and Straps, they have all that clothing for discounted prices, which is nice because those clothes are always pretty steep (at least for my pocket). Also, if any of you are thinking about ordering something, email me at, and I can hook you up with a 5% off coupon code :P which makes it even cheaper. Yes. That's it.

Click here for BodyPunks
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i seriouly dont wanna bugg u with this but do u think u could help me out umm can u tell me how u change what your comments say like how u have lose control and crashes lol sry..ima dork anyways can u juss lemme kno..k thanks

Re: heyy


January 23 2004, 05:51:42 UTC 14 years ago

Yes please help this mentally disturbed person try to make her journal look half decent. God knows it looks like shit right now, and doesn't even match.
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